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Thursday, August 26, 2004 :::
For all your RNC blogging news, check out the

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Thursday, July 29, 2004 :::
Receiving stolen property?
I'm sure most people who receive handouts of any sort from the government don't consider themselves to be recipients of stolen property.  Of course many true conservatives and libertarians believe that the government's use of coercion to take money from one to give to another is stealing.  But I hadn't thought much about the morality of the recipient of that theft.  In making the case against socialism, practiced by both parties, Walter Williams slips this thought in at the end: "I'm sure that if you asked God if it's OK just being a recipient of stolen property, He would deem that a sin as well."  Although I have a feeling that many of the people who receive government handouts either believe in socialism or feel that as a victim, they are entitled to that handout.  So I guess it's too much to ask for an agreement with my view of morality there.  And we certainly don't expect ethical behavior from the party of moral equivalency.  But shouldn't we expect more from the party of the "religious right"?  No more farm subsidies or airline bailouts.  No more prescription drug benefits for "poor" old folks.  And no more money thrown at a failing education system.  I just hope that if Bush wins reelection, he'll lose this "compassionate conservatism" thing and get back to true and moral conservatism. 

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 :::
So there is an official site of librarians against Bush.  In a google search for "librarians for Bush" I essentially come up with nothing except a sticker on ebay (no longer available) and a few comments referring to a different bush.   I'm not surprised by this since I've been working in the field long enough to know that there are very few of us who support Bush/Cheney.   Since there isn't any gear to oppose that offered by librarians against Bush, we'll just have to buy from the Bush online store.  I've already got my hat and plenty of buttons.  How about you?  Have you come out yet? 

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The Democratic convention in Boston has included bloggers in their media coverage of the event.  NY Times presents convention bloggers as "Diarists."  That's an interesting way to put it.  Some bloggers are upset by that description.

The Wall Street Journal's report of the bloggers includes more detailed coverage of the bloggers covering the event.  For a little humor on the convention, check out Tom Burka's Opinions you should haveDinner for America is interested in keeping the 18-29 crowd aware.    Although I'm about the leave that section of the population (turning 30 in September), they're supposedly non-partisan so I'll include them here.  Command Post is being represented in Boston by a fellow Philadelphian Alan Nelson.  Jessamyn West, who runs, will of course be covering issues important to librarians.  You can find her coverage of the convention here.

Enjoy the views from these "diarists" to balance out the coverage from the traditional sources.  In the meantime, I'll be finding fair and balanced coverage by switching between CNN and FNC.


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Thursday, May 27, 2004 :::
After reading Larry Elder's column today about Bush bashing, I am fired up about this topic. Shortly after starting a new job in a law library, a co-worker came in after listening to a speech by the president the previous evening. He proceeded to tell how he was convinced that the president was really just stupid and it seems like the president has no idea what he's talking about when he speaks. Since then I've heard several other co-workers make similar comments. And most of it is not thoughtful criticisms of his policy. It's just "Bush doesn't know how to speak" and "Bush doesn't care about regular people" and "Bush is an idiot."

At my last job, I finally told people not to mention the president in front of me or I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue any more. Before the war started, I overheard an seemingly intelligent co-worker say "He's only going to war to finish the job Daddy started." I heard another one say "He's just getting revenge for Saddam trying to kill his Daddy."

Apparently some of my co-workers found this blog when they googled my name recently. Now the cat's out of the bag that I'm a Republican (shhh) and I hear less criticism from them. I also put a picture of George and Laura on my bulletin board, so if there was any doubt about me before, it must be gone now.

But I still hear plenty of Bush bashing on the streets of Philadelphia, where I live and work. I hear it on the subway and bus. Strangers asking for signatures to impeach Bush and Cheney. Friends, family members, the Lyndon LaRouche clan handing out pamphlets. LaRouche speeches blaring from a car driving down the street.

It's hard in this environment to be optimistic about the election. But I look at the polls and know that there are more like me out there and not all of America reflects what I see in this city. I still love the city for so many reasons. But the lack of intelligent debate about the president pisses me off. Let's hear some real criticism people, not just emotional bashing. But when emotions run high, I know they are afraid and desperate. Keep 'em running scared, George.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004 :::
Thomas Sowell for President

Although he says it will never happen, his Conservative Radicalism ideas sound great to me.

"Since politicians like to have campaign slogans, instead of "Bring it On!" my slogan might be "Get rid of it!" to describe all the laws, policies, and government agencies that I would abolish."

That's my kind of radicalism.

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Monday, November 03, 2003 :::
Librarians don't speed!
According to data from the Quality Planning Corporation, librarians are among the professions least likely to get a speeding ticket. The only profession with a better record is homemaker. Hmmm... Another example where I don't fit the profession.
No surprise that students are the worst, for both speeding tickets and accidents. Doctors, lawyers, architects, and real estate agents follow students in the top five when it comes to the most accidents.

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The Latest on the Librarian Action Figure. (Cape not included).

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003 :::
Librarian Humor

Are you tired of the stereotypes? Check out the latest librarian fashions.

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